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A place to chat, share ideas or simply let of steam about current Education issues
assertive mentoring
We have a new head in September - ex OFSTED inspector and our current SIP.  He seems very keen on assertive mentoring and has already sent our AHT and DHT on courses about it.  Anyone experienced this or know much about it?
assertive mentoring
My HT and I are on a course on this next Tuesday so would be interested to hear what others have said.  It seems to be the in thing in our authority at the moment!
assertive mentoring
That's a new one on me I have to say.
assertive mentoring
assertive mentoring............I'm not really sure........
assertive mentoring
Not sure what it means- i'm guessing a bit like coaching Confused

Give we an idea of someone saying to you 'I will be your mentor,' with a very confident voice! Laughing  Laughing  Laughing
assertive mentoring
thehawk wrote:
assertive mentoring............I'm not really sure........

Laughing  Laughing  Laughing
assertive mentoring
From what I've gathered it's a pretty rigid system of target setting for each child.  It seems to be linked with targets for each level in maths, reading and writing and each child has a certain number of targets for each half term.  Linked with behaviour and working with parents too.  Just would like to hear from someone who's actually experienced it!
assertive mentoring
oh, we do that. Is that what it's called!
I have found the turnaround time of setting the target, filling in the forms and getting them out to parents/SMT was too long. Some children started to achieve the target before the parents even knew what the target was. But then we didn't use any software or anything. We do it opn the cheap!
assertive mentoring
It is fab, hits all the targets for personalised learning, involves the children and the parents and actually works if done correctly. It gets rid of APP which is great and makes life easier for teachers. Love it!
assertive mentoring
emadam wrote:
It is fab, hits all the targets for personalised learning, involves the children and the parents and actually works if done correctly. It gets rid of APP which is great and makes life easier for teachers. Love it!

Damn! We do this AND APP.  I've been done!
assertive mentoring
Hawk thats funny

Emadam could you tell us more about it
assertive mentoring
i remember looking at this on the internet but dont know anyone who has done it. Heard a presentation about achievement for all and one of principals of that was these structured conversations with child and parent (focusing on SEN) AM seems to have shorter but focused target conversations. Is this with all children are parents present? How do schools fit these in? Do teachers do them all or other school staff share out the children too?
For many years ive felt all children should have an adult in school that they know is looking out for them specifically. clearly that adult would have quite a few children but child would feel that it was about them. Some would need more time than others but the thought that if the secretary walked into your classroom and made special point of asking how your work was going etc each time because in that classroom you were her focus child think could be good for children. but logistics are hard. Maybe the Am meetings would be similar version but T and TA doing them all dont know. Would love to hear more Emadam
assertive mentoring
Would also be very interested in hearing more about how it works in practice.  We've been told we'll be expected to lead workshops for our class parents once a term (or possibly half term) and give parents materials they can use to support their children in reaching their targets.  Our parents aren't great attenders at this sort of thing, but new HT has promised he will personally follow up any who don't attend!
assertive mentoring
With AM you can mark to APP or Ros Wilson type sheet - we used Ros Wilson, to which I added the AF's for writing to ensure the link. Writing is assessed half-termly, from which individual targets are set for the children, taken from those that they didn't hit. The children are given these targets on a sheet which is with them whenever they are writing - no matter what subject. The children are taken through the targets marked on traffic light system. Once a tern (we do it Oct, Feb and May half-term) teachers meet with the children individually to discuss their progress and write down their views as to why they have been successful. Also linked to behaviour, attendance, effort, uniform and homework as this can show a link if progress maybe isn't so good. This sheet is also shared with parents at parents evening. As it is colour coded, it is very effective.

There is a group sheet for each level, which indicates what you need to address to certain groups of children / can link to class also.

It sounds complicated but it isn't once you have used it once.

THere is also a Big Maths scheme which is a mental maths lesson, once a week, level appropriate. It has worked really well with our children.

AM hits all the boxes, Ofsted love it and the children respond really well to knowing exactly what they have to do to improve.
assertive mentoring
so do you mean you follow the andrell big maths scheme or do you mean big maths is part of assertive mentoring

when you meet at half term do you discuss a reading writing and maths target?

when you share with parents do you give them anything to help tehm meet targets do you hold parents evening just after half term every term
do you try to keep groups of children with similar targets to make teh teachng easier?

do you take your targets from criterion scale for writing or app in other schools
assertive mentoring
do you start year with targets reviewed at half term to run for two half terms etc
assertive mentoring
Questions, questions. It is really hard to explain, you need the training really to make it clear.

Big Maths comes as part of the Ass Ment that you buy.
Targets for September are set now so that the children are starting where they finished this year.
When meet with children, look at level achieved, progress made towards end of year target for Reading, Writing, Maths - traffic light - then discuss new targets so children are aware of what they need to do to continue to improve.
Targets are taken from criterion scale. The Ass Ment scheme we bought had put APP onto similar sheets so that progress is tracked over the year on the one sheet.
Discuss with parents what they can do to help children - yes, after half-term. Also, introduced Learning Logs for homework this year - children complete one task per half-term, over a period of three week, any way they wish. Task is linked to an area staff feel needs to be looked at / linked to topic. This has worked really well. Parents were invited in to an intial workshop, one for each year group, so that staff could demonstrate strategies / approaches that could be used to complete the task.
Teachers focus group can change depending on area looking at, and which children need work on that area. It could be a mixed ability group looking, eg, at use of adverbs, punctuation, connectives... THe group would come from marking linked to objectives and success criteria.

Hope this helps, it makes sense to me but I have had the training, and have been using it for two year. It is great for personalised learning, for home-school links, for progress...
assertive mentoring
Thanks for all the info, emadam.  Certainly enlightening.  Looks like we could be in for big changes in September.  New head is ex OFSTED inspector so possibly he's seen this in action in schools he's inspected.  Just hope we get good training so we know what we're doing!
assertive mentoring
Thanks emadam sorry about all the questions but once you look at something you come up wiht more and more. Greyengine keep us posted as this is something ive looked at more than once and then not run with but seems to have many things we already try to do but not sure we are consistent or rigorous enough which is what AM seems to be really focused on
assertive mentoring
Will certainly let you know how it goes.  Sounds like the key to it is good training so people know exactly what they're doing.  I know we're starting the year with two Teacher Training days so I'm wondering if that will be the main focus of those.
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