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A place to chat, share ideas or simply let of steam about current Education issues
ofsted literacy lesson
We have ofsted in on Monday (aaargh!!).  My rec/year 1class have been taught by 2 students mainly for the last few weeks but I am having to do the lessons for ofsted.  The children are coming to the end of a literacy unit looking at stories with patterned language.  I am going to get them to use a patterned story from another culture as a model for their own story.  I am thinking of Handa' surprise and thought that after we've read it the year 1 children could identify the repeating parts and talk about how we could change the story to make it set in our town.  Would we see the african animals there?  Would Handa carry the fruit on her head?  What could she use instead?  They could then work in pairs (there's only 10 children all of low ability) to think of alternative animals and fruit ideas.  One child could draw and label different animals and the other could draw and label different foods.  These could all be displayed as a resource for the next lesson where children wrote their own sentences for a new version of the story using the shared ideas from the previous lesson.  Does this sound ok?
ofsted literacy lesson
Yes that sounds nice Smile Are all of your children going to do this?  There are some nice Handa Surprise things around, I have a smart notebook of Handa's hen- well the pictures from it if you need anything like that! Smile Good luck x
ofsted literacy lesson
I only have 10 year 1 who are of the same ability so they will do this.  The reception children can work in groups to do picture sequencing activities to retell the story orally and act out the story outside with a ta.
ofsted literacy lesson
Thanks that's a lovely idea if I could fit it in.
ofsted literacy lesson
Yes, I'll put the jungle animals in the small world area, I could have sorting animals / pictures and perhaps some non fiction reference books aboaut African and English animals nearby if I can find any.  I could put the fruit moulds in the sand and some baskets and plastic fruit in the playdough for children to make playdough fruits.  I'd better get image searching now!  Still have maths and phonics to plan.
ofsted literacy lesson
How could I phrase my objective to be clear and succinct for year 1 children.
To use a story as a model for planning my own version - sounds a bit woolly.  Success criteria - I can think of animals which live in this country.  I can think of some different foods?
ofsted literacy lesson
That fits with the overall view but for this lesson they're not actually writing the story.  They're doing the first step to success during the main teaching but in their independent work they're planning new ideas for a different version
ofsted literacy lesson
That sounds better.  Thanks.
ofsted literacy lesson
I think I'm going to call it a night now and have a glass of wine and half an hour of tele.  I was in school from 9 until 6.30 today and will be back there tomorrow making sure everything is right.  Then have to plan maths and phonics (can't decide whether to carry on student's money work and introduce change from 10p but they've been doing money for a fortnight or introduce time - struggling to make reading o'clock exciting).  Roll on Tuesday night!  Thanks for your help JO.  It's really appreciated. x
ofsted literacy lesson
Your lit sounds great!

For maths, there is a cute little story here about time . You could also go outside if fine and draw a big clock or go in the hall. Encourage chn counting to 12 . Maybe make a human clock but this might work better with older ones. Could look at z clock and ask what it means, write down numbers on board as intro.

When we had last obs I did a new topic and was told as more of assessment and that not much progress made and therefore don't do a new topic for an ob. I would be inclined to do change - maybe increase numbers or put in word problem ?

You will be fine - ring me if you need anything x
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