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year 1 topic

we are looking to move to a more creative curriculum. My year 1 colleague  (NQT) is finding her current topics a bit dull (can't say I blame her !) Ourselves (incl personal history), Buildings and Materials ( does Great Fire of London in this one) and then Growing (incl local environement) they also do Sound. Reception have fab topics like Celebrations and Dinosaurs.
Trying to think of something fun that she can get creative with - I suggested Circus  (I have recently been to see Take That !), Farming (we are a rural school)
Any other ideas ?

surely its about what she has to cover in each term to enable anyone to advise re topics

buildings and materials could include the 3 little pigs and suitable materials for houses. include different materials for buidling house round the world. Handa's hen shows her african house.

Growing could start with Jasper's Bean (i think it is called that)  or Jack and the Beanstalk. the children could grow beans up strings in the classroom and put a castle up the top. Or Jim and the Beanstalk.

Another growing story is the Little Red hen. You could make bread and have a go at grinding wheat to make flour.  If you have a class garden the children can grow salad veges quite quickly and make their own sandwiches.

Sound could include making musical instruments. The easiest are shakers but also ones that vibrate rubber bands are good or use old guitar strings on buckets.  carrot kazoos are fun as well and drums of course. start by looking at the different ways that sound is produced in instruments and try and replicate it.

moving towards a more creative curriculum

i have just had a reorganisation of my topics (also an NQT in a small rural school). I teach a mixed reception/ y1 class so some of these topics may cross over with reception planning.

i am planning to teach-
80 days around the world
Into the enchanted forest- with a focus on traditional story animals and an 'animal rehabilitation theme' going to try out some mantle of expert stuff
Arctic and Ice/ weather
Heroes/ Super heroes and people who help us
Life cycles and mini beasts
Pirates/ under the sea

2nd cycle
once upon a time machine- castles/ dragons
Colour and light (Hanukkah, diwali, bonfire...) followed by santa's workshop
Jungle/ Africa (Uganda focus)
Living things/ nocturnal animals/ day and night
Woodlands 'If we go down to the woods today...' toys/ bears
Space the final frontier...

hope this list helps,  Colette
mrs. j

I am also Year 1 and we have to teach the agreed science units so we came up with; materials = homes, testing 3 little pigs houses, light = pirates, dark pirate cave with torches, jewels, swords, reflective/non reflective materials, sound = space (no sound in space), ourselves = superheroes, which senses would you improve and why, green plants = dinosaurs (tenuous link but plant eating v meat eating) and investigation unit = seaside, hole in my bucket, best material for sunshade etc.
All the themes were chosen with boys particularly in mind and heavily based on good books. We have had great results with our writing for all but one child - and no, I cant fathom why he hasnt made the same progress yet.

thank you for all those ideas - will pass them on although she was quite taken with my Circus idea! Superheroes sounds fab !
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