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Night Garden

Victorian art

Hi all.
Would love some help with a few art ideas based on the Victorians (yr 6). First 3 days back we are planning some art based ideas around this topic.
Just would like to know what ideas you have done/or have?

I plan to do a silhouette idea with the Chn's faces and then create an oval background and mount onto coloured card. Under that I was thinking of doing a decoupage form of art, where they create words and ideas that reflect them maybe even getting them in letters spell out what their name means ontop of a range of coloured paper (links to RE).

Does it sound naff? I have a lot to learn about the Victorians.

Our art topic will be based around William Morris so if anyone has any great ideas about that would love to know. We are going to visit the museum as well.

Thinking about block printing as it too can link to our Islamic patterns in RE but need to research how to do this in a cool creative way!


Just recently finished this work with Year 5 which they greatly enjoyed.

I know it's a bit Blue Peterish but I used this with Year 6 who loved it and then used the designs to make their own clay tiles.

Babyboomer, very good.
Night Garden

Thanks for those ideas I already have both sites booked marked, but do like the idea of the clay tiles babyboomer.

William Morris.
Design and make rubber stamps (never done it, so don't know if its really doable at primary) of a Morrisish design that can be used as a repeated design to stamp onto plain wallpaper. Then decorate the room.
Do a WM type design onto material and make a cushion cover.

William Morris Clay Tiles

We make Clay tiles in the style of William Morris. Look at different images of William Morris styles, children choose one and sketch it in sketch book, not too difficult - then make tile using air-drying clay, paint, glaze.
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