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Traditional tales - other cultures?

Yes it is back to reality now and planning next literacy unit - Narrative unit "traditional tales", but would like to use some tales from other cultures rather than the ones they already know.

Have found a few but nothing really inspiring yet - needs to be a fairly simple story (Y1) but with potential for enough "exploring the text" type activities....

Thought someone on here might know some?  Smile
Opera Diva
tired teacher

You  may find something here
tired teacher

or here

If your school has the 2simple software there is one about parrots on one of the programs complete with planning.

thanks for links! that was quick!

rrr - unfortunately we don't have 2simple - shame as it is about my level in ICT - can't cope with anything more complicated!
magpie nic

Tiddalik the frog would be good, but I cannot find an online version.
tired teacher

Found these just now in my favourites

first is a fabulous link
jamaican stories
with pictures

Thanks again! Getting quite excited about this now - wasn't looking forward to it at all, nothing against Little Red Riding Hood and friends personally of course, just wasn't feeling very inspired by her! Now I've got the opposite problem of trying to fit in everything I'd like to!
tired teacher

Hey tog- just remembered this which has children;s illustrations
The tales are in 2 languages which make them ideal for Y1 as they are planned to have repetition in the story to help children who speak another language.

Have fun. I won't post any more. I love teaching these sort of tales as you can see.
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