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Success criteria

I have always used success criteria as prompts to help children be successful in a particular lesson or piece of work. There will be some specifically relating to the lesson objective, and then some additional things that are required for good work.
I have recently been told that they should only relate to the learning objective. So if you are working in history on making a comparison between two aspects of a period, the success criteria should focus on what you need to do for a good comparison - nothing to do with how it is written, presentation etc.
What are your opinions on this?

I think the success criteria need to link to the LO but there's also a place for expectations of presentation, extent and quality of writing.

SC should only relate to the objective. The SC should just outline the steps the children to achieve the objctive.

As Posingpoodle, SC should just relate to steps required to achieve objective.

Ok - so what do you do with a cross-curricular piece of writing say? There will be several requirements in different areas for that piece of work.
How do you ensure a high standard of cross-curricular writing.
Night Garden

Depends what you want out of the lesson and the focuss.
I have used diary entry and elements of one combined with the history. The had already completed diary entriesi n literacy before so we talked about what a diray entry needed to remond them and I would have it up to show.
So a diary entry pretending to be Howard Carter may have the following.
To use a range of adjectives to describe the tomb
To use at least 3 different forms of P
To use (how many) different O
I woudl change how many for different ability groups.

Your SC will depend on what your learning focus is and as LI should never be in a context it doesn't matter about cross curricular links. So for example:
Literacy focus
LI I can write a recount. ( you couldn't say LI To write a recount of ______ as thi is putting it into context)
SC I have written in the past tense
I have included time connectives from the word wall.
I have used capital letters and full stops.

We have inserts that we stick in our books which clearly outlines standards of presentation etc.

Ah I see posingpoodle - your learning intentions are phrased slightly differently to the way we do ours so they are much broader. I agree with not having a context to the LI.
With your intention that makes perfect sense - if I had an objective like To organise writing in paragraphs for the piece of writing, it is difficult to make sc only fit the LO.
What if the main objective of the lesson was about Jesus' temptations in RE and you were getting them to write a diary entry as Jesus? What would you do then?

L.I. To write a diary entry.

I have written in the first person
I have used the inofrmation from the story.
I have included emotions.

So are your LI's always a general statement relating to the outcome you want from the children? For every subject?

All very interesting (and more to think about) here!   Your LI's are much broader than we have to make ours, PP.

Yep. Had Shirley Clarke in and we revamped our whole AFL!

Keeping the sc more specific does make sense to me in the context of broader LI. Means that in effect you are able to do both the things I said in my first post.
tired teacher

There is also a place for maybe rewarding standards that are expected and generic to the whole class- e.g. my class get reward ticks for listening well and walking into class quietly etc
joined handwriting- things that are not the focus of the lesson but they are expected to keep up the standards.

I may give reward ticks to boys with shirts tucked in tomorrow!
Intermittant reward work best so maybe these sort of things don't need to be on the success criteria.

PP, do you provide the SC for your children or do you do it with them before they do their work. We have always done the second of these options but this does not lead to 'steps', it is rather more random with the Infants!

I know that some people wuld argue that the only way to do SC is for the children to come up with it themselves however....I as the teacher know what I am looking fr in extended writing for example and so would give and discuss. I have also done it the way you do Piggysue and in fact am going to do it that way today for literacy! so both!! x
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