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Squared or lined background for Smart Notebook

I used to be able to do this through 'gallery' function but this no longer works for me!

Can anybody help? I'd like to be able to get a squared background on my smartnotebook files. It's Smart Notebook 10.

Thank you in advance.

Im so glad it's not just me! I thought I was going mad or there was an issue when upgraded.
Can you go back to a previous version?

Mine is Smartnotebook 11 and it is just there in the gallery. Perhaps you can update it. x

I had this problem! Couldn't for the life of me find the lines or square backgrounds but I do have have them saved on my USB stick and it will open from that!

If you want me to email I can unless someone out there knows where the backgrounds are!

This was a problem with notebook 10. I can't remember how to get round it - there was a way. Thankfully it returned with11. Would it help if oneof us sent a file with that background in it? Pm me your email and I will try tho we are about to have visitors till ten so wont be able to do owt till then.

Found them in 11; now just to get the version updated at school. Didn't think to check in 11

Click to download file

Click to download file

Thank you! Was also thinking I had 'baby-brain'! First day back after maternity leave tomorrow.

Brilliant. Thanks

I've got notebook 10. Squared is in the maths section and lined in the English.

Good luck for your first day back.

I love this site ! I have got Notebook 11 and it's not the same as I am used to (I've not been in the classroom for a while to need to use it). I cannot find anything at all in the gallery and nothing comes up when I search but I have now saved the lined and squared paper from nm97yd, thank you.

After some browsing of the tutorial notes I seem to be missing a whole folder 'Gallery Essentials'. I will ask today how to get it which will hopefully help and I can use the board for more than just writing on.
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