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Report writing phrases

Hi all

I am an NQT and have to write my first reports.  I have last years to work from for ideas but need to obviously change the wording. We just have a blank template so don't pick the phrases like some packages allow you to.

I am sure I read on here that someone had a document that had phrases for reports. If so, please would it be possible to send to me. I wil try to help with anything else in return (yr 3/4, but have ks1 experience).

Many thanks x

You have mail.

thank you so much - I knew I hadn't dreamt it!

Thanks again, hopefully now can word things correctly and still try to be positive!



you have mail too!

I developed a very comprehensive bank of statements a few years ago - it can be found here:

Hi all, thanks for these, these are just what I was after. I will now spend my time looking through them. I just wasn't sure how to start off or to word tactfully for some!

Thanks and happy report writing.

Shetland Kat - you have mail x

Anyone else finding it really hard to get going with reports? Must be the nice weather!
Night Garden

YES! I have to get them done in two weeks and finding the motivation very hard. I am even going into work this week as with a 15 months old running around the place there is never a good time to try and write them. All I can say is thankfully we don't have to write comments for very subject now! Hated those days!
Opera Diva

I developed these about 2 years ago and they were posted on TES.

Someone has dragged it up again and the emails have flooded in again.

I have turned it into a single word document and uploaded it onto the TES resource bank.

link is:-

Thankyou so much for taking the time to upload report comments.It was just what I wanted as being a partime teacher I have various subjects to cover for different levels  :

Thanks OD. I was going to add my thanks on the resource page but as I was in the middle of typing it mysteriously moved to my profile page! Have added thanks on primary forum over there with a note that perhaps the 140+ people who have downloaded could at least say thanks.

Thanks for these OD

Click to download file

those arent mine - but i find them really useful.  Cant remember where i got them from.

Thanks OD for these - (hope it wasn't me that has caused all emails to be in!!)

Now all I need is to start writing them, I will get going...

OD - seen your other thread so glad wasn;t me that started off your emails!!!

Thanks again for link x
80s chick

Thanks OD, they're great.  Might give me some motivation to begin mine now.  Have typed all the children's names out so at least I've started.

Opera Diva

They have been around for 2 years. Just resurrected.

Thank you.

Thanks OD, these are super useful! Very Happy

Thanks for sharing OperaDiva and Shetland Kat. Must have taken hours to put together, so thank you for saving me the time and hassle.
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