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QCA Tests Year 5 - past papers......

My Year 5 are doing the QCA tests this year and I wanted to give them a chance next week to look over the format and look at some past paper questions, just so the whole thing isn't completely new to them  Very Happy

Is there anywhere online where you can access past papers at all?

There is an old QCA past paper for year 5, but I have no idea how to track it down and really wouldn't bother showing it to them.  If you really, really want to show them something, you could you a year 6 paper because there arer loads of them around and the format is the same.

But presumably they did the year 4 QCAs last year and the year 3 & 2 before that so it will be a bit familliar to them.  And the year 5 writing papers over-level so much you don't need to have shown them anything in advance for them to get really good marks!

Ah okay - thanks for that  Very Happy

They have done the tests in previous years so hopefully it shouldn't be too scary for them!!!
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