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Performance Poetry needed for Christmas Play Y4


Year 6 Teacher has taken, Twas' the night before Christmas.

Does anyone know a really good poem for a Year 4 class to performance with a theme that will fit with Christmas.
any use

wotton wrote:
any use

Thanks Wotton, that website is a good find.

Forgot about snow this poem/song
Don't think it would work in assembly however Laughing
Chilli Queen

Nativity Play by Gervase Phinn

Oh Miss, I don't want to be Joseph
Miss, I really dont want to be him,
With a cloak of bright red and a towel on my head
And a cotton wool beard on my chin.

Oh Miss, please don't make me a shepherd
I just won't be able to sleep.
I'll go weak at the kness and wool makes me sneeze
And I really am frightened of sheep.

Oh Miss, I just can't be the landlord
Who says there's no room at the inn
I'll get a fright when it comes to the night
And I know that I'll let Mary in.

Oh Miss, you're not serious-an angel?
Can't Peter take that part instead?
I'll look such a clown in that white silky gown
And a halo stuck up on me head.

Oh Miss, I am not being a camel!
Or a cow or an ox or an ass!
I'll look quite absurd and I won't say a word,
And all of the audience will laugh!

Oh miss, I'd rather not be a wise man
Who brings precious gifts from afar.
But the part right for me, and I hope you agree,
In this play - can I be the star?

Thats a good site - teaching machine - some good spelling games there in the word games section.

Great Poem for juniors, Chilli Queen! I could have done this with some of the kids dressed int he nativity play costumes, but unfortunately they will all be in use by Year 1/2 on the night.

But I think I may have found the one I'm looking for:

Could make Christmas tree cut out and have the children decorate it one by one. Christmas Spirit without being too slushy. I like the repeated lines and will be easy enough for my children with EAL.  Very Happy
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