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Narrative with flashback, Year 6 planning...

Hello, would any of you kind lovely peeps have any planning that I could adapt as we will be doing this next year for two/three weeks.

We did not do this unit last year as we had other bits to do! (oops)
So I'm looking to plan it this week, but wondered if anyone would care to share!

Many thanks in advance!

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i taught it as a quick unit so didn't plan but have an example model write with a flash back if you want it?
Would love to share anything you get as i too have got to plan this next year x

ohh...would be worth a lookie!

Things I have done include:
Watch The Piano - discuss use of flashback (I got them to decide where each new paragraph would start too) and why it is effective
Discuss time shifts in stories they have read (had done Wreck of the Zanzibar as a class) and the effect created
Plan/model together a story starting "I wondered how I had got into such a mess".  Low ability group so I structured it very tightly for them - para 1 = sitting in boring lesson and start to daydream, para 2 = doing something surprising but connected to lesson (for instance being a Victorian chimney sweep), para 3 = hears teacher asking them what they are doing, then realise they are doing something stupid (ie climbing on table because thought they were going up a chimney).

Independent planning & writing of a story based on one of these endings I got from the internet somewhere
I looked around me - dazed, confused. Where was I? More importantly, who was I? I felt a bump on the top of my head, and there was blood on the floor. A large parcel lay a few feet in front of me. Seeing the parcel triggered off something in my mind, and a memory started to unfold, like a film I'd never seen before...
So here I am, microphone in hand, about to sing in front of 100 million people across the world. The cameras are on me, and the audience has fallen silent in anticipation. How did this happen, you ask? How did I, Katie Skipton - an ordinary 11-year-old schoolgirl just a couple of days ago - get to become an overnight superstar? Glad you asked. Sit back, relax, and let me tell you about the craziest day of my entire life...
He pointed the gun squarely at my head. "Your last chance to tell me how and where you came across the bag of diamonds. Tell me or I'll pull the trigger." "Okay, okay, just - just put the gun down." I sighed a long, thoughtful sigh as I reluctantly began my story. "Here goes...It all started this morning when I was driving to work..."

This year I did The Piano and the 3 different starters one, both of which worked well.  I put the starters on the board for them to choose between, then had them ready on pieces of paper to stick into their book once they'd decided which one they wanted to do.

Have fun - this unit can be great fun.

We used this really moving flashback film. My Y6s loved it including the boys.

Thanks for all these lovely ideas!!

Sounds great!!

Do you guys have any planning Icould use as a starting point?
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