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Level 6 writing

Anyone doing level 6 writing and want to share/pool ideas?

Mine are 5bs really at present, I'm going on a level 5/6 reading and writing course in January, happy to share then!

We started LEvel 6 in Feb last year and it was far too late. SO already started it.
Also, on a course this Wed.
DO you have smartboard software?

What do you mean by started Level 6 writing etc?

I had a level 6 writer last year.  I did nothing extra with her at all, she was/is a naturally brilliant writer.  I just did with her what I did the others: set her targets and so forth which she would always meet in the next batch of writing.   I don't know what else I would do.  She loved reading, and I think that was the greatest benefit to her.  

There was only one other child who was getting closer to her by the summer when we submitted our teacher assessments.  She came to me in year 5 as a 3b writer and was a 5a when she left me in year 6.  Wish I could have moved everyone on 2 2/3 levels!

I am trying to get some L6 writers but struggling with no advice, support given.  The last training I attended just said that it was all  down to maturity & not wasting a word!  So I would be very grateful for help, but not sure what I could offer in return!
wicked witch

We have been advised to treat our able writers in the same way that Wotsit describes. It is more about their own maturity and reading experiences rather than teaching them to jump through hoops.
Have to say that I am very sceptical about the whole level 6 idea Confused

Half an hour a week.  Level 6potential writers (nine of them). Plus homework.

I am not sure that fingers crossed and hope they get it is a strategy.

You wouldn't say give your high level 4 writers no extra help and just hope that they mature into level 5 writers. You have to show them how to get there.
Circus train, if you pm me your email I can send you my smartboards, if that is any use. The writing I have got back from the children is stunning.

I'm told that there were no level 6 writers at all in Bucks last year, and Bucks is a big LA!
wicked witch

You wouldn't say give your high level 4 writers no extra help and just hope that they mature into level 5 writers

When I was in year 5, that was exactly what I did. Probably makes me a bad teacher but I didn't teach any level 5 stuff explicitly. I still ended up with quite a few level writers though.

Level 6 is a whole different thing though. There is a huge difference between what a 14 year old has done, read etc to an 11 year old.
I know that a lot of secondary schools don't believe that it will be a true level 6 in the same way that I take year 2 children who get level 3 with a pinch of salt. I'm sceptical about a lot of things in education at the moment, Level 6 being just one of them. Doesn't mean that I am rubbishing what you are doing Hawk.

Descripotions of Inspector Marlow,
"He had a collar painted white across his neck from left to right."
"A broad band suffocated his hat"

week one writing from my children in level 6.
You teach it, but they need to be mature enough to respond to the input.
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