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level 5 reading comprehension

ive been askd to source some reading compehension materails for our level 5 readers so looking for some faily challenging stuff. any recommendations?

had a google and most seem tied to year groups. (she doesnt want the quick fix for sats books)

any ideas greatfully appreciated!

Good luck!

I'm not aware of anything that really challenges the top end. Sorry.
these come in different levels not 100% sure if the top one will cover your level5

thanks for replies. jd thats what im worried about! i cant seem to get that link to work wotton? x

I've not come across anything specifically aimed at level 5; might be some stuff on secondary sites. With my level 5 readers i have given them a text and asked them to write questions with model answers for them. before i get them to do that i have usually done some old SATs questions with them to model the kind of questions required.
I think it is important that level 5 readers are exposed to a wide range of texts, especially different fiction genres.

Think we use older books key comprehension book 6 I think is quite challenging and book 7 very hard.  Was part of an old ginn set you may be able to source them on the internet will find isbn and let you know.

Sorry just found mine we use book 2, book 3 and book 4.

Book 2 aimed at year 3 and 4 ISBN 0602267897
Teachers book ISBN 0602267935
Book 3 aimed at Years 5 & 6 ISBN 0602267919
Teachers Book 0602267943
Book 4 aimed at Years 6 & 7 but is quite challenging.  ISBN 0602279143
Teachers Book ISBN 0602279151

The teachers books also suggest a range of extension activities.

Hope you manage to find these book they are great self contained units and cover a range of reading skills and question types.

Just had a quick look they still do these books but a supposed new version but book three has the exact same comprehension as my book just a new cover ! Might be tempted to buy book 1 for my poorer children.
try this and scroll to the bottom.
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