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KS1 guided reading planning

Would anyone be kind enough to send me a copy of their guided reading planning for Y1/2 please.

It's a definate area of weekness for me in terms of preperation and so I just need a shove in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.
magpie nic

This might be useful

If you google KS1 guided reading planning, you will find some excellent stuff on lancs gfl and east riding gfl sites

Grrr, that link will not work, but it is the first entry on google.

That was a good power point - thank you.
I liked the group names in it!
I am not that organised but I think the key is to get into a routine and keep a timetable so all groups know otherwise it is very easy for it to slip.

I rotate my activities (did similar in year 1 as am doing now year 2) whereby one group does guided reading, one group on computers (phonics or research activities), one reading for fun (in reading corner), one group doing role play (but can get noisy so sometimes restricted to small world play, in theory with cards/ purpose but not always) and the other group does another activity (phonic board games, spelling jigsaws, synonyms, wordsearches etc.).
When I was in year 3 I did similar but for my higher ability groups (and may start this up again this year) they read the book the session before guided reading so it was more a discussion and I have also tried (mixed year 3/4) where they kept reading journals.
magpie nic

I'm guessing you know about these

I have used similar things across every age group even Reception and used reading journals a lot.
If you search guided reading on this forum, there have been lots of ideas and resources. Good luck x

I follow a similar carousel to Neko but on the day following the guided read the children do a reading journal task related to the read.
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