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Joined up handwriting font

Can anyone point me in the direction of a nice joined up handwriting font. I realise I'll have to pay but can't affort it to be too expensive!


I used this
Night Garden

Any of these do?
Night Garden

Sorry, not sure if you wanted to to teach or as a programme on your computer.

I like the penpals scheme which has a joined font:
The font has been developed by sassoon that lots of schools use.
A free joined font I've used before is boring joined

boring joined is the same as the dyslexia institute recommended handwriting form. we have used it with great results

There's one called Jarman that is free and similar to Nelson Handwriting. I can't remember where it is though. Try Googling.

I got kber from the Bett show... bought it for school, installed it but has it been used?.........

Jarman is great too - use that a lot
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