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Hello, im about to start an after school ict club for y2 and was looking for ideas of what to cover during the sessions. It has been suggested a free choice but i would like the sessions to have more of a purpose!

So please shout with ideas for a 'project' or what has worked well for you as the holidays have ruined my work brain  Embarassed


This wiki has some great ideas however it maybe aimed at an older age group.


I was planning on some of the free software that I'd love to do in class but never have time. Depends on how many children you have and why you are running it of course but I was thinking along the lines of Benettonplay flipbook, Voki etc. I think Bev had some year 2s create a really good piece of animation using State? Her blog is fabulous and you could get some really good ideas from it. SHe has a thread about it in the Lounge. I think Myrtle has one too (which is also very good).

Is this any good?

I tend to do free style because they love it, but we also do emailing to home, friends etc.
in the past I have done a 'claymation' project film...
photostory; flat stanley;

ooh thanks for your ideas i will have a look through and try to decide

Parkfield School's site has a wonderful new section with ideas for an ICT club:

Chris - thanks for sharing my school's ICT wiki (thedowns)... it's a bit out of date now. I really ought to update it!
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