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How setting reflects characters moods

How do you teach this? Covering it as part of imaginary worlds year 4.  I wanted maybe an example from a film or something.  How do you teach this?

I found a great scene in 'Wallace and Gromit - The Wrong Trousers' to teach this - the part where Gromit is leaving home, having been displaced by the penguin. There is loads of brilliant imagery to show how Gromit is feeling. Well worth a look if you have the DVD (can't find it on youtube).

There is a scene in Hercules too when Meg goes from Hercules to Hades and teh forest changes from bright & sunny to dark and scary. There are probably others. What other subjects are you studying?

Not a film, but you could use this along with the Hercules scene - we've just used The Tunnel (Anthony Browne - current children's laureate).  We were doing familiar settings (yr 3 - though 3/4 mix so it overlapped a bit with imaginary settings), but it does have some good settings bits, especially the forest when she first comes out the tunnel (birds and butterflies etc) and then it goes very scary with wolves in the trees etc etc - we did some lovely role play where they lay on the carpet and imagined the scenes and made appropriate noises - the contrast was really effective.  It helped that we'd done The Wind in the Willows last term, and used the Planets Mars music for the Wild Wood scene and they'd also been woodland animals, making squeaks and squawks - great fun!

The Iron Giant film - most of it - and compare it to the Iron man, book,where lots of language does the same.
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