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How long will gingerbread men keep for?

I knwo this should be in the kitchen but thought more people would see it here!!!

I want to make gingerbread biscuits for my class for christmas (trying to economise this year!) and wondering when I can make them without them going stale?

Don't really want to leave it until Thursday night but am out Wednesday, so it will be Thursday or Tues. What do you guys reckon???

Thanks so much! Very Happy

I make a batch most Sundays for mini smileys lunchbox. They last all week in an airtight container no probs.

Ahhh that's brilliant smileylady!!! Thanks! Very Happy

Gimgerbread men are yummy. Your class will love them. We always make gingerbread teddies for teddy week and they go down really well.

They last no problem.

I just made a trial run! To be honest I don't think they will last till the end of the week, the rate my OH is eating them!

They were fairly easy to do so will probably make them on Tuesday night! Probably going to do star shapes or christmas tree shapes. We just made some hand and foot shaped ones with these cool cutters we have- big and small!!! They are so cute! Need to get some cellophane to wrap them in, also making little chocolate shapes with my new Christmas chocolate moulds I bought!!! I hope the kids will like them as I can't afford to buy presents this year.

If you have any lolly sticks NG they look great as lollies wrappedin a bit of cellophane with a pretty ribbon. X

Sounds fab and reminds me I need to make some chocolates. My mum gave me the moulds she bought in the 1960s. She even had foil wrappers for the santas that got reused every year!

I might have a go at this too, if I get the chance this week.  Have got chocolate tree decorations already (what they usually get!) but they'd love gingerbread men!

That's good to know - but they never last long in this house!! Usually all eaten within a day!
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