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How do you teach handwriting in ks1?

As the title says really. Do you model on board? Do children copy from board, have one word written in book beforehand or have words written to trace? Or do you use worksheets?

We started using the Penpals scheme this year, but didn't have the CDs so I wrote them on the board and then they copied into their books.  They then pink and greened them and I then looked at them and wrote two or three of the things they needed to focus on.  They then did a line of each in busy work the next morning.

We have just got the CD which demos it which will make it a bit better for them.  I do find it tricky though as I find myself doing two or three groups as some are ready to join, whilst others still can't write letters correctly.

So did you teach just one group while others worked independently singup?
Anyone else?

Up to now we have only done handwriting with Y2s. I showed them the letter on the board and they filled in a worksheet (the worksheets were made into a book). We are starting this with Y1s and 2s in September, so presume I will be doing the same.

I taught it with bribery! (Y1)

The children had a handwriting book which went home everyweekend and was left on their tables for them to use whenever they had a spare few minutes. The practised their spellings in the books.

What really did the job was that whenever they did good writing or tried hard they were given a raffle ticket. On Fridays at home time we drew two tickets and the winner got a sweet.

Not exactly healthy eating but it worked they as they tried so hard to earn the tickets. Very Happy

We're using the ReadWriteInc mnemonics. Model on the board but then air draw, floor draw, back draw - really focussing on the correct formation (which a number of my Y2s haven't got), then go straight to lined paper (exercise books) where they do two lines of that letter followed by up to five words of their own choosing using that letter. I go round every child at the tables checking that the formation is correct.

Everyone sits on the floor and practises the air writing, or writing the letters on each other's backs.  This is aimed at the middle group.  They then go off and then I do the same with the top group on their own and their new joins.  For the ones that are still struggling with basic letter formation they did the same at the start of the year, but now everyone else is starting to join, I just quickly give them a non joining version of the same letters as the main group go off.

It does mean the top group is sitting through both inputs which is not ideal, but the inputs are pretty quick and with this year's groups I felt they could do with revisiting the simpler joins as well.  If my group this year is more confident I would give them independent revision whilst giving input to the first group and then do their input.

Other teachers at my school tell me they don't differentiate their teaching of handwriting, but I can't see how this would work as they are at such different places in their handwriting in Year 2 and it seems to be where the main joining starts for the majority, but only when they are ready.

I'd appreciate tips too though as it isn't ideal.

Thanks lots of great ideas.
tired teacher

Go to the kent website and download the handwriting repeater. You can then write something that is repeated forever so they can airwrite and keep seeing what they have to do when they are copying.

Thanks TT, that looks really good!

We use the structure/order of Penpals but we encourage fully cursive.  Like others have said we have to differentiate a bit and not all children join at beg of year.  
Next year we are going to just use normal lined books for them to practise formation in as we find they struggle to transfer from the multiple line format to their normal writing books.

We use normal lined books too, not the special handwriting ones, for the reason you give Cottage.

I also prefer ordiinary lined books for the same reason, but we use handwriting lines in KS1 still although I managed to get it changed in ks2.
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