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Help with supporting statement for staff governor

Hi,  a staff governor post has arisen at our school and there are a few of us interested in doing it. I just wondered what sort of things I should include in my supporting statement to make it stand out.

Gosh, such a happy situation has never arisen at our place.  We are lucky if anyone puts themselves forward without having their arm broken.

I am not sure that I have any words of wisdom, but did not want you to feel neglected, and would like to wish you the best.

I think the role is very much that of representing teachers' interests before the governors.  So you will be willing to take others' problems etc to the GB and you will also ensure that teachers are not being asked too much by the GB.  2 examples from my own experience: on one a teacher on a temp contract had applied for a perm contract at our place. She got the job but certain SMT members implied it was still temp.  I took this up with the CoG and HT at an appropriate time and the next day it was official that it was a perm post.  Another time I mentioned that staff morale was rock bottom which was quite a big thing at the time, all sorts of stuff going on.  CoG made time to hear people's concerns.  

I mention these to give you an idea of what people might want from their gov representative. You will be the link and be there to protect the staff.

I would disagree with wotsitagain, you as a staff governor are not there to represent the staff views in any way, just like parent governors are not there to represent parents.  You are there as a someone who is representive of the staff but does not represent them!

Obviously if there are significant strategic concerns then you could raise those, just like any governor could, but anything to do with the day to day running of the school is not necessarily appropriate to raise as the GB is there to be strategic not day to day.

How else is the staff voice to be heard then trinity?  If not through their representative? Whilst I agree that a lot of governor issues are to do with the general running of the school - buildings, playgrounds etc., I do feel that it is important that the governors are made aware of when things will be too much for teachers to take on. I would not presume that a teacher governor would push forward certain strategic things; however, I do think the teacher governor is there to point out to governors that when the HT in HT report says performance management has taken place for everyone, it has not. Otherwise what checks and balances are there on an autocratic Head who knows the right things to say to look good?

Governors (and that's all of them) shouldn't take anything at face value though, they should question and probe and it's through that questionning and probing that someone who is lying would get caught out.

I'm lucky, both the HTs I've worked for have been exceptionally honest in what they tell the GB.

However my point still stands, all the training I've ever been on as a governor has made it quite clear that we are not there to represent the body of people we are representive of.

In principle I agree with you.  But in our LEA we have something called Opportunity to Excel - it is largely an opportunity to create more paperwork.  Different people fill in different parts and I was recently with the Govs as we filled in their part.  It became very obvious during discussions that some governors had some very weird expectations of what they would expect teachers to do in order to improve the governors rating on this ridiculous and lengthy form.  Fortunately the DH and I  and another teacher gov. were able to bring it back to the realms of reality.
On another occasion I can recall the staff gov from our feeder school (we are federated so have the same gov body) pointing out something regarding an office job vacancy that had been created and filled without the correct channels being gone through. It caused a lot of upset amongst the support staff.  If  staff follow the usual line for grievances and  complain to the HT and so on and nothing is done, then I believe the gov Body IS the next place to go.

However, I know that my feelings about children and staff being removed from assembly several times a week for extra reading are not representative of the teachers.  Yet, as a governor of a church school (apparently outstanding in that regard: and at the inspected Acts of Worship every single member of staff was in) I feel that taking so many children out is against our ethos and we governors should do something about it.  Have I got it right there, trinity? Saying what I think even if it is not in agreement with the teachers? (Not that I have been brave enough to say it yet!)

Yes, you are quite within your rights to put your point on view across even if it is totally different to what the other staff think.

If staff have a grievence then *they* should follow the channels to the GB, not use you as an inbetween.
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