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Guided reading and AFs

I had never done guided reading until this year  Embarassed but my school has spent thousands of pounds buying in a complete GR scheme from Kingscourt.  My TA and I have now got this working quite smoothly and are happy with the groups, books, working with the children etc.  Most of the time I'm enjoying doing it too - it's good to have a chance to really talk about a book with a small group of children and draw their attention to things they could use in their writing (ie full stops) etc etc (year 6!).

But - we are supposed to be using our GR sessions to provide evidence for reading APP.  Also, I'm not planning on doing more than 3 or 4 practise SATS papers, which I think should be enough to give them an idea of exam technique, timing etc, because I want to teach the reading skills through the GR sessions.  To ensure we cover all the AFs properly I've got a fan for each AF, giving types of questions that could be asked and question starters.  The plan is for my TA and I have 1 of these fans in each session so we rotate them round and cover them all.  The problem is, some AFs are more appropriate to fiction and some to non-fiction.  As we each read with 2 groups in a session, I could be working on a fiction book first, then a non-fiction one.  So this week I was trying to ask questions about author's choice of language when reading a factual book about dolphins.

Any ideas how to manage this one?  Am I missing something obvious here?

Hi this is from the other site- might this help?  Has AF's on and is very easy to complete and keep up with!!

Click to download file
Have re-read your question and it hasn't answered your question really but it might help!
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