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Fiction genres Yr6 - Goodnight Mr Tom

Was hoping to link these two ideas as have traditionally taught sci fi stories when teaching fiction genre unit. Wondered what others taught with this unit and have people written a story based on Goodnight Mr Tom or ww2????

Night Garden

We used Carries war and linked that to WW2

Yeah, a short story. Have always done sci-fi. Have seen Hamilton used a detective story. Was thinking of covering other examples in guided reading so they had an idea of success criteria and language. Really would like to use Goodnight Mr Tom as a basis but wondered how to do it/????

know it's used in y6 but don't know any more details. will try to find out today, but might not be able to as y6 staff go at lunchtime

Might be able to suggest something after next week. Im moving to yr6 and I know the current teacher uses Goodnight Mr Tom so hopefully will be able to look at her current planning for ideas
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