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Christmas Variety concert - any more ideas?

Hello everyone

Im getting ready to go back to work, and have told the HT that ill take on the xmas show. This year we only have 11 kids in the school so i thought that i would organise more of a variety show.

I am going to have the whole audience singing carols / famous xmas songs between each different performance.

Does anyone have any different ideas?  I was thinking to somehow do the history of a christingle, history of candy cane (make and have these to sell too!)

as well as a big bit in the middle with UV lights with children doing let it snow, 12 days of xmas and rudolph in the blacklight with uv props.

Then to end i saw somewhere about a shadow nativity - behind a big screen. Thought this may even be read by a narrator with children moving as story is told.

Any other ideas to bulk it up a bit?!

Sorry to start xmas in Ocotber!


Like your ideas so far.

I am no good at this type of thing, but I'll try rather than ignore you...

Do you have any child instrumentalists who could do something?  Or have children or adults reading Christmas poems?  Can I think of any?  Not off the top of my head apart from the last verse of In the Bleak Midwinter which I think is quite thought-provoking when read aloud.  But there are a few - I shall have another think.  I am sure some more brainy person than me will be along.
wicked witch

We did a dramatised version of The night before Christmas. It included 4 year 5 boys coming on to the dance of the sugar plum fairy and all the children bouncing around to the song by Automatic "What's that coming over the hill? Is it a reindeer? Went down a treat.

We did a musical hall variety one year with children dressed up as strong men lifting weights (footballs on the ends of broom!), using diabolos, juggling, etc. & linked it in with a Victorian Christmas theme.

good to have you back Kat. WW love that idea. Not got any good ideas just wanted to say it already sounds good. Could you maybe do something around those less fortunate what might they be doing on Christmas day eg sketch about a homeless person, lonely old person, maybe the story of the bear off samaritans purse site

sounds great Kat. Good you are going back to your school.
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