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Big Maths - Beat That - paper usage

Just been revisiting the Big Maths material and it strikes me that there is an awful lot of photocopying involved in it.  I wondered if anyone has thought up or tried a plan to overcome this.  For example, would it work if the sheets were laminated, do you think and then cleaned off? (Someone on the timesavers thread, I think, suggested felt tips on laminated paper.)  Then they could be used over and over.  

I know the laminating would be expensive initially, but 2 sheets or more a week for each child (600ish) is a huge expense, especially if they are not used again.  And I love the colour use on the sheets, so would want to keep that, rather than going for black and white.

Seems like  I have beaten you all!

I think that laminating and reusing is the only way forward.  You just can't do 600 colour copies a week.  Mind you, that's coming from someone in a school where there will be no colour printing at all until after September...

Only looked at it briefly but could you display a page on the board and children do the answers in little books?  Might make it less exciting I guess and I suppose if children are doing different levels then probably not but a possibility?

i agree that finding an alternative to lots of photocopying is a must. it is such a hassle for a start (competition for the photocopier) as well as a waste of trees..

i was interested to try the felt pens idea, but in the past i have found not all sorts of felt pens will write on laminates. Some brands may work better than others. The cheap ones I had in my class last year certainly didn't.
what brands have been successful?

i got a set of thin whiteboard pens for my class last week and they are better than the fat ones. take up much less room for a start. Although they probably dry out faster if the lid is left off.

I shrunk it down so 2 grids per page and the  double sided and did 4 times a week . THat meant only  1 sheet per child a week ...

We use textbooks like Target Maths which I cannot recommend highly enough.No rushing to the photocopier anymore.
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