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-ly sentence openers

My Y4 class need to work on their sentence openers. want to satrt with exploring -ly words. Anyone got any fun ways of creating/finding -ly words and then using them as sentence openers ? Thanks
tired teacher

Give them a list of adjectives and ask them to walk, talk etc that way  etc. They will say He walked slowly. Then show them up leveling
Slowly he walked into the room.
Work in pairs from the adjective list to talk through sentences with the ly word used both ways round.

On fiery ideas in the freebie bit there's a tool that lets you change sentences around - dynamite sentences.  Shows how to put -ly words at the start of a sentence.

ooh thanks forgot about that knightrider
Thanks TT Smile

How about acting out the sentences? Give them a verb and they act out the adverb rest of class have to guess it.

Sentence play has a good section on sentence openers you could try:

You could also try writing down an action and adverb for a child to act out, then have the class write down the sentence and see if they can start it with the same adverb as you.
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